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22. annexation article.png
Newspaper article from the United States Magazine and Democratic Review

boones first view of kentucky etching.jpg
Daniel Boone is pointing out toward the west, and the future state of Kentucky.

10. Daniel_Boone_protects_his_family 1874.jpg
Daniel Boone fighting with a Native, as his wife cowers over their son on the left.

Powell, De Soto.jpg
This dramatic and brilliantly colored canvas shows Spanish conqueror and explorer Hernando DeSoto, riding a white horse, the first European to view the Mississippi River, in 1541. As De Soto and his troops approach, the Native Americans in front of…

2. domestic happiness - Copy.jpg
Idyllic nineteenth century scene of a white family, with a patriarchal husband, and his dutiful wife, tending to their infant children.

7. Bierstadt, Emigrants Crossing Plain 1867.jpg
Redefined by territorial expansion in the mid-1800s, the boundary of the American West shifted from the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean, fueled largely by exploration and emigration along the Oregon Trail, among others. Over the course of…

56. EBSouder.jpg
A drawing of the ship Emily B. Souder. The ship foundered and sank in 1878, with Jane Cazneau aboard. she was drowned in the incident and her bosy was never recovered.

33. merk.jpg
Merk in the process of giving a lecture to a class

72, MexWar2.jpg
General Zachary Taylor giving orders in the field during the Battle of Buena Vista
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