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Trib 4-9-47 Latest From Vera Cruz.pdf
Up to date news on the progress of the war, from Vera Cruz

Trib 3-6-51 The Frontier.pdf
A New Class of Slave States Enslaving American Citizens in Mexico

Trib 2-1-51 Gen. Arista's Position.pdf
The preswedentila election in Northern Mexico of General Arista

22. annexation article.png
Newspaper article from the United States Magazine and Democratic Review

27. MexAmMap.jpg
The Mexican Cession was the result of the Mexican-American War from 1846-1848. President James K. Polk had promised to fulfill the "Manifest Destiny" before he left office, even if it meant going to war. With the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. In…

36. artwork_images_143276_712537_johnsteuart-curry - Copy.jpg
American settlers travelling west during the westward expansion era of the nineteenth century.

50. Greenberg2.jpg
Portrait of Amy S. Greenberg, Historian and Penn State Professor

35. AGreenberg.jpg
Historian Amy S. Greenberg, behind her desk

33. merk.jpg
Merk in the process of giving a lecture to a class
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