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Trib 5-27-47 New Orleans-Volunteers Returning.pdf
New-Orleans--Voiunteers Returning--General Taylor--His Popularity--The Presidency--Business

Trib 5-22-47 General Taylor.pdf
Incidents during the war involving General Zachary Taylor and General Santa Anna

Trib 4-30-47 Later From Vera Cruz.pdf
News regarding the war, ship movements

Trib 3-6-51 The Frontier.pdf
A New Class of Slave States Enslaving American Citizens in Mexico

72, MexWar2.jpg
General Zachary Taylor giving orders in the field during the Battle of Buena Vista

71. MexWar1.jpg
U.S. troops bombarding Veracruz during the Mexican-American War

26. MexAmWar.jpg
Panoramic illustration of battle scene
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