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Frank Turner is a student at the California State University at San Marcos (CSUSM), entering his second year of a Master of Arts (MA) program in Digital History. This website is the result of a project for the class History 502, History and Applied Technology, taught by Dr. Katherine Hijar. The website fulfilled the requirement for that course.

The research done for this project was also used to fulfill the requirements of another graduate course; History 538, Film and History: A Graduate Seminar, taught by Dr. Jill Watts. This film, Who Said Manifest Destiny? can be viewed at-

Turner’s interests in history are the antebellum era of American history, with a focus on the racial and religious roots of the idea of Manifest Destiny, in regards to Westward Expansion.

Any suggestions, or ideas, are appreciated. Frank Turner can be contacted at-

May, 2014