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the promised land, jewitt.jpg
The people shown are the Graysons, and they were part of the great westward expansion of the United States during the mid-1800s.The Graysons traveled overland from Missouri to California in 1846, two years ahead of the Gold Rush that drew so many…

3. Thomas Hart Benton - Copy.jpg
Head-and-shoulders portrait, facing front, of former Missouri senator Thomas Hart Benton (1782-1858).

Trib 3-8-51 The Southwestern Border.pdf
The existence of peon slavery at the southwestern border of Mexico and Uniterd States

USDR Legal Wrongs pg 1.pdf
Men, women, and the law

USDR Gypsies pg 1.pdf
The Gypsy race

Trib 3-6-51 The Frontier.pdf
A New Class of Slave States Enslaving American Citizens in Mexico

26. MexAmWar.jpg
Panoramic illustration of battle scene

Trib 1-14-47 Outrage on the American Flag in Cuba.pdf
Article is  pro-annexation of Cuba to United States
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