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Indian Land for Sale.jpg
This advertisement from the Department of the Interior, circa 1911, offers surplus Indian land for sale.  After allotments for tribal land (to build schools, missions, or other administrative needs) were determined, the government sold additional…

23. TX annex.jpg
A celebration and ceremony to celebrate the annexation of Texas in 1845, to the Union

1a. Leutze revision.jpg
Emanuel Leutze’s mural celebrates the western expansion of the United States. A group of pioneers and their train of covered wagons are pictured at the continental divide, looking towards the sunset and the Pacific Ocean. The border depicts vignettes…

22. annexation article.png
Newspaper article from the United States Magazine and Democratic Review

10. Daniel_Boone_protects_his_family 1874.jpg
Daniel Boone fighting with a Native, as his wife cowers over their son on the left.

71. MexWar1.jpg
U.S. troops bombarding Veracruz during the Mexican-American War

80. flag across america.jpg
American flag juxtaposed over prairie, symbolizing America "coast to coast."

Trib 1-14-47 Outrage on the American Flag in Cuba.pdf
Article is  pro-annexation of Cuba to United States

Trib 2-1-51 Gen. Arista's Position.pdf
The preswedentila election in Northern Mexico of General Arista
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