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29. Bingham; Daniel Boone, 1851-2.jpg
This is a popular American painting addressing the theme of westward expansion. Rich with symbolism, it helped establish the mythic status of Daniel Boone and legends of western settlement. George Caleb Bingham drew from Christian and classical…

9. Bingham; Daniel Boone, 1851-2 - Copy.jpg
Missouri artist George Caleb Bingham's Daniel Boone Escorting Settlers through the Cumberland Gap is among the most popular American paintings addressing the theme of westward expansion. Rich with symbolism, it helped establish the mythic status of…

boones first view of kentucky etching.jpg
Daniel Boone is pointing out toward the west, and the future state of Kentucky.

7. Bierstadt, Emigrants Crossing Plain 1867.jpg
Redefined by territorial expansion in the mid-1800s, the boundary of the American West shifted from the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean, fueled largely by exploration and emigration along the Oregon Trail, among others. Over the course of…

1a. Leutze revision.jpg
Emanuel Leutze’s mural celebrates the western expansion of the United States. A group of pioneers and their train of covered wagons are pictured at the continental divide, looking towards the sunset and the Pacific Ocean. The border depicts vignettes…

westward the star of empire takes its way.jpg
The railroad disrupts nature and bears down on the viewer, with the locomotive's light shining like a jewel. Wild deer scatter to the left, but the cleared field offers no refuge--the stumps, that catch the light of the west-setting sun, and the…

36. artwork_images_143276_712537_johnsteuart-curry - Copy.jpg
American settlers travelling west during the westward expansion era of the nineteenth century.

the promised land, jewitt.jpg
The people shown are the Graysons, and they were part of the great westward expansion of the United States during the mid-1800s.The Graysons traveled overland from Missouri to California in 1846, two years ahead of the Gold Rush that drew so many…
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