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Indian Land for Sale.jpg
This advertisement from the Department of the Interior, circa 1911, offers surplus Indian land for sale.  After allotments for tribal land (to build schools, missions, or other administrative needs) were determined, the government sold additional…

2. domestic happiness - Copy.jpg
Idyllic nineteenth century scene of a white family, with a patriarchal husband, and his dutiful wife, tending to their infant children.

3. Thomas Hart Benton - Copy.jpg
Head-and-shoulders portrait, facing front, of former Missouri senator Thomas Hart Benton (1782-1858).

5. Caz and books - Copy.jpg
Image of a middle-aged Jane Cazneau, including two of her book covers, from The Queen of Islands and King of Rivers (1850), and The Eagle Pass, or Life on the Border (1852) Also included is the cover of a Cazneau biography, by Linda Hudson, entitled…

9. Bingham; Daniel Boone, 1851-2 - Copy.jpg
Missouri artist George Caleb Bingham's Daniel Boone Escorting Settlers through the Cumberland Gap is among the most popular American paintings addressing the theme of westward expansion. Rich with symbolism, it helped establish the mythic status of…
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