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USDR Futurity pg 1.pdf
the article is pro-expansion and advocates for the annexation of Texas.

USDR Annex pg 1.pdf
The article is pro-expansion and advocates for the annexation of Texas

22. annexation article.png
Newspaper article from the United States Magazine and Democratic Review

Trib 1-14-47 Outrage on the American Flag in Cuba.pdf
Article isĀ  pro-annexation of Cuba to United States

Trib 2-1-51 Gen. Arista's Position.pdf
The preswedentila election in Northern Mexico of General Arista

Trib 3-6-51 The Frontier.pdf
A New Class of Slave States Enslaving American Citizens in Mexico

Trib 3-8-50 Mr. Caikeun Right and Wrong.pdf
Slavery and peonage in Mexico

Trib 3-8-51 The Southwestern Border.pdf
The existence of peon slavery at the southwestern border of Mexico and Uniterd States

Trib 4-9-47 Latest From Vera Cruz.pdf
Up to date news on the progress of the war, from Vera Cruz

Trib 4-20-47 Mexico and the War.pdf
Article addresses the new post-war borders , and how much money will be paid to Mexico from United States for the new lands.
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