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Trib 4-30-47 Later From Vera Cruz.pdf
News regarding the war, ship movements

Trib 5-22-47 General Taylor.pdf
Incidents during the war involving General Zachary Taylor and General Santa Anna

Trib 5-27-47 New Orleans-Volunteers Returning.pdf
New-Orleans--Voiunteers Returning--General Taylor--His Popularity--The Presidency--Business

Trib 7-15-50 Peon Slavery on the Rio Grande.pdf
Letter From Cora Montgomery to a friend regarding peon slavery on the United States side of the border.

Trib 8-2-51 Southwestern Texas.pdf
Production of Wine and Sugar--Peonage on the Border

Trib 10-17-50 Letters on New Mexico.pdf
Peon slavery in New Mexico

Trib 12-11-50 Our Mexican Border.pdf
Peonage in New-Mexico--Border Defenses

USDR Gypsies pg 1.pdf
The Gypsy race

USDR Legal Wrongs pg 1.pdf
Men, women, and the law
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