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Art, and Manifest Destiny

This section offers a variety of artwork that is associated with the idea of Manifest Destiny. This is not a complete list, but are the most popular artistic renderings associated with this concept.

If anyone has a suggestion of a piece of art that would be pertinent to this site, I would appreciate it.

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Jane Cazneau Biography

This section is a brief biography of Jane Cazneau's life.

She was a unique person of her time, living a life of adventure and intrigue during an era that did not typically allow women entrance to the political or military arenas.

In the antebellum era in American history, women were expected to remain in the domestic sphere, and support her husband's pursuits and raise their children.

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Manifest Destiny, an Overview

This section is an overview of the concept of Manifest Destiny.

It explores the religious ideals associated with the concept. It also looks at the positive, and negative, consequences that resulted from it.


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