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Newspaper article from the United States Magazine and Democratic Review

Outrage on the American Flag in Cuba
Article isĀ  pro-annexation of Cuba to United States

Gen. Arista's Position
The preswedentila election in Northern Mexico of General Arista

The Frontier
A New Class of Slave States Enslaving American Citizens in Mexico

Mr. Calhoun Right Or Wrong
Slavery and peonage in Mexico

The Southwestern Border
The existence of peon slavery at the southwestern border of Mexico and Uniterd States

Latest From Vera Cruz
Up to date news on the progress of the war, from Vera Cruz

Mexico and the War
Article addresses the new post-war borders , and how much money will be paid to Mexico from United States for the new lands.

Later From Vera Cruz
News regarding the war, ship movements

General Taylor
Incidents during the war involving General Zachary Taylor and General Santa Anna
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