The purpose of this website is to create an archive of Jane Cazneau's literary work. She wrote many articles, as well as books, in her time. This site attempts to be a one-stop location for anyone doing research on Cazneau, as well as anybody just interested in her story. This website will grow over time, and I appreciate any suggestions.

Cazneau, during the antebellum era in American history, was involved with the movements associated with westward expansion and annexation, as well as the concept that became known as Manifest Destiny. This website will briefly look at this concept, simply to define and explain it, and to give context to the story of Jane Cazneau.

Cazneau had been a journalist, a war correspondent, a diplomat, a secret agent, an explorer, and an overall adventurer. She lived a life that was unusual for women of her time, who were expected to stay in the home, to support their husbands and raise their children.

Cazneau was brought out of the past by a modern historian, in the twenty-first century, who claimed Cazneau was actually the person who coined the phrase Manifest Destiny. For many years, it was assumed that John L. O'sullivan had created the term.

This is the main focus of this web-site, as well as offering a sample of Cazneaus’ writing.

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